BKP Strategies LLC is a full-service consulting agency specializing in designing and enhancing hope & health equity infrastructure for a wide array of organizations. Our approach is to provide creative infrastructure design solutions for organizations on various spectrums of their change management journey. The BKP approach intentionally incorporates community, staff, and executives in building out and drawing in principles related to hope and health equity. We believe together we can.

Hope is a verb

E quity is a collaborative process

Ajust world is possible

Liberation is the sustainable goal

BKP Strategies provides a customized strategic experience grounded in social justice practice. Our frameworks engage organizations of all sizes and ignite your staff and the constituents you serve to the possibilities of hope and healing.

Services and Packages

HELA: Health Equity Learning Academy

HELA is a multi-unit training program and curriculum that works through the essentials of how health equity is a tool in any sector or industry.

The Academy, helps us grapple with the complexities and the impact of inequities on our very existences. BKP Strategies imagines a future that is possible and works with you to do the deep work of health equity from definitions to designs.

In this program, we will not be afraid to look back to move ahead and arrive at that sustainable future together.

The HEAL Academy is a four phase process and is a minimum of 3 months.

HELA+SD: Health Equity Learning Academy and Strategy Design

HELA+SD is a multi-unit training program and curriculum that works through all the essential components offered in BKP’s HELA course offerings. This intensive builds in more hands-on opportunities for strategic design and application for those organizations seeking to apply principles learned in HELA directly to their operations.

In this program, we will unravel systems and processes and imagine a future rooted in concepts where everyone thrives using processes such as Health Impact Assessments and Racial Equity Impact Assessments.HELA+SD will start to set your organization apart from the rest with an integrated planning and design process. This program will make the future come alive.

HEAL: Hope Equity Assessment Lab

BKP Strategies is unlike any other agency in the country with the unique development of HEAL: Hope Equity Assessment Lab. HEAL is an immersive experience that utilizes BKP’s proprietary Hope Equity Assessment to walk organizations through an in-depth process review.

After decades of studying hope theory and expanding the theoretical framework, BKP’s Founder, Dr. Brandy Kelly Pryor, has designed a specialized laboratory experience. This experience through HEAL leads to enhanced infrastructure, deeper community engagement that scales and ultimately creates a breathing ecosystem that is brimming with access, agency, and enhanced community purpose.

E is for Equity

BKP Strategies is unlike any other agency in the country. The unique design solution E is for Equity: Equity ABCs is built into each BKP package and uniquely tailored to your organizational needs.



BKP Strategies provides a free 30 min consultation. Make an appointment to see which program best matches where your organization is on the journey to HEAL. We would be so honored to work with you on building hope and equity into your infrastructure.