Drawing on the DJ’s divination as hope purveyor and healer, this commentary examines the trendiest club scene during the COVID-19 and worldwide social distancing—#ClubQuarantine. It explores how DJ and producer Derrick “D-Nice” Jones uses Instagram Live to reproduce and perform hope through dual components of his musical sets: 1) participatory/performative healing and 2) cultural preservation. Situating this DJ within the Black Aesthetic, these two elements are explored in conversation with Kelly’s (2013) performance of hope theory. This commentary provides understanding for leisure scholars about the flow of Black visual and aesthetic culture and how the house party or the club can be a space of healing and cultural preservation —even in the face of a global health and economic crisis.

Image Source: Pratt, T. (2020, March 22). This is black superhero music right here baby…” – HOV “Roc Boys” (2007). Got inspired to hop in photoshop last night after #ClubQuarantine [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/TrentonxPratt/status/1241756523317116929.